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Elixinol Countries

It is no secret that Elixinol is one of my favorite products. In fact I love it so much that I built this dedicated website specifically around the product. One of the first things that attracted me to purchasing was the fact that it was available quite easily in Australia.

At the time you could order either white label from the official site or buy from a couple of dedicated local suppliers. Alas, as of October the laws have changed a little in Australia and certain types of CBD products are now no longer legal. For Australia specifically I am working on a blog post that outlines the information. Where does that leave other countries though?

In the 6 months since I’ve launched this site I have received literally thousands of visitors from all over the world. It’s really quite amazing considering I only built this website as a small hobby in my local library. I’ve had some questions recently about availability in different countries. This post is my attempt to give some guidance on whether Elixinol will is obtainable where you live.


Considering the United States is responsible for the War on Drugs you might be surprised to know they’re leading the way in CBD legality. Elixinol and nearly all other CBD oils are completely free across the United States. Some states do still seem to be holding out but their website says country wide shipping. The product itself ships from Colorado so it should be relatively easy to get your hands on some. While Elixinol is available many stronger THC brands are still struggling within the legal grey areas.


Canada is another tricky one as the country allows CBD oil as long as it contains no or trace amounts of THC. Only certain companies with approval are able to sell their products this. It is with great disappointment that I must tell you that unfortunately Elixinol CBD Oil is not available in Canada right now. The company simply will not ship across the border. You may be lucky and find a local supplier but be careful as you are operating in a legal grey area. In other words, don’t say I didn’t tell you so!


It is with great disappointment that I tell you Elixinol is currently no longer available in Australia. The laws here in my country are currently up in the air. The founder of the company is Australian born so I can only assume he would love to see it legal here. Let’s hope we can make some progress on this front and get CBD oil and Elixinol legalized soon.


Good News! Elixinol is available in Brazil and will ship directly to Brazil. This is a truly awesome development and you can learn more about it here. As someone with a lot of Brazilian friends and having spent a lot of time in Brazil I’m happy they will have access to such a great product. For those buying the Brazil labeled product remember to monitor your dosage. Start on a low dosage and build your way up.

South Africa

Another resounding yes! I haven’t done too much research on the legalities in South Africa but I did notice there is an official Elixinol site with a extension. I can only assume that they ship directly to customers in that country because of this.

Anything Else

I would like to keep adding to this list so if you don’t find your country listed here please send me an email and I will look into it. I would like to have an answer here for anyone who is looking for it. Alternatively, if you think I’ve gotten something wrong or the laws have changed somewhere please let me know so I can update.

I sincerely hope Elixinol is available in your home country. If so and you are considering purchasing feel free to check out my full opinion before you make the decision.

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