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Elixinol Side Effects

I wrote a little about this in my main review but thought it warranted it’s own article. The reason for that is probably obvious to you. Most supplements or pharmaceuticals have some sort of side effects and they’re usually negative. This is especially the case with most major prescription medications. It seems the big pharma companies do more to harm people than actually help most of the time.

This is where Elixinol and CBD oil in general buck the trend. In fact, to date there are been virtually zero negative Elixinol side effects shown to exist. This is quite remarkable and astounding when you think about it and another reason this type of product is taking off like a spaceship.

Like with many things the best information comes straight from the source. The official Elixinol site has a great blog post on not only known side effects but potential side effects. You can check that out here: https://elixinol.com/blog/known-and-potential-side-effects-of-cannabidiol-cbd/ .

Since I’m never one to be outdone I’ll throw my hat an opinion in the ring as well. The main comment taken from this blog post is this:

“However, the study does mention some potential side effects for cannabidiol, such as the inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism, or the decreased activity of p-glycoprotein. CBD can, indeed, interact with a series of pharmaceuticals, as it inhibits the activity of some liver enzymes called cytochrome P450.”

Woah, so sciencey! The short of it is that it can effect the way drugs are metabolized in the body. However, even this side effect isn’t described as a negative. There are some positives to this including it’s ability to neutralize THC within the body. They also mention potentially dry mouth but I’ve never had any problem with this. Just keep a glass of water handy just in case.

The truth is, there’s very little proven downside to CBD oil and the upsides are massive. I do noticve I can get a little drowsy if I have a higher dose. But this is usually because I’m taking the oil very late ate night. Who wouldn’t get tired in this instance.

Careful. It’s not All Peaches and Cream

As with anything in life ‘we cannot know what we don’t know’. What I mean by that is that lack of evidence of Elixinol side effects isn’t evidence of no side effects. The cannabanoid industry is a young one and currently relatively unregulated compared with pharmaceuticals (although it’s debatable how effective this is when so much money in involved).

As it stands now there is little to no downside with CBD Oil and Elixinol. But keep an eye on the research and monitor your own usage. It can effect everyone differently.

Elixinol Review Snapshot

Whenever I read a review I always hope for it to be clear and concise. That’s the reason I’ve decided to start off with a few simple criteria. Check out our review snapshot below:

Quality 100%
Effectiveness 100%
Benefits 100%
Price 90%
Customer Service 100%
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