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Elixinol Respira Review
Is This Cannabis Tincture Worth It?

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Elixinol call this new product their most ‘versatile’ CBD tincture. What do they actually mean by this? Is this just an old product in new packaging? Is Respira worth buying or trying? Well I went ahead and did the research for you so you don’t have to. Let’s check out my review and learn everything you need to know.

Elixinol Respira Overview

Most companies are always trying to release new products. If you are a cynic this might not impress you very much. They could just be trying to improve their bottom line overall. By selling you more products!

However, I don’t believe Elixinol is like that. Their products usually serve a different purpose and while they might not be all for you, they’re all worth trying at least once to see if you like them. The difference described in this product is that it’s the most versatile CBD tincture in their product range.

By versatile they mean it has the most amount of uses. As with the traditional tinctures you can ad it to your food, water or just drop it straight in your mouth. Unlike the original product Respira can be effectively vaped. So, for those who like the use a vaporizer with your CBD Oil you are in luck. I know you people are out there, I’ve even been emailed a question about vaping Elixinol once before.

That’s a huge benefit that I’ve noticed since my original review.

What Sizes Does Respira Come In

This style of tincture doesn’t come in as many different potencies, flavors or types as the original. That doesn’t mean you’ll be short on choices though. Check out the different variations here:

  • 300 mg, grape mint flavor
  • 500 mg, natural flavor
  • 600 mg, grape mint flavor
  • 600 mg, natural flavor

You might be wondering what the correct dosage is for you. The truth is that when it comes to CBD there is no way to effectively give everyone their correct dosage over the internet. My advice is always to start with a small dose and work your way up as desired. By starting with only a drop or 2 there’s almost no chance of negative side effects according to the original manufacturers.

Benefits Of Respira

Since Respira is almost the same as similar Elixinol products the benefits are also similar. We won’t go into the benefits in too much depth but you should check out our benefits page to learn more. In short, it can aid in anxiety, stress, joint pain and many other ailments.

It’s also cool that you can vape Respira. In fact, this is probably the main benefit of this over the other drops, capsules or pens. If you are a cannabis smoker and trying to minimize your use a vape pen with CBD oil can be a great option.

Should You Buy Respira From Elixinol?

I would recommend you read my full Elixinol Review. The truth is Respira is very similar in both recommendation, benefits and dosage. My advice would be to grab Respira if you are very keen to vape. Otherwise either option would be great.

Elixinol Review Snapshot

Whenever I read a review I always hope for it to be clear and concise. That’s the reason I’ve decided to start off with a few simple criteria. Check out our review snapshot below:

Quality 100%
Effectiveness 100%
Benefits 100%
Price 90%
Customer Service 100%
Elixinol Stars