Can You Vape Elixinol Using a Vaporizer?

If you haven’t tried a vaporizer by now then you certainly know someone who has. These devices have been gaining intense popularity over the last couple of year and for good reason. They allow a cannabis user to save money, minimize odour and be more discreet about their use in places where it otherwise may not be appropriate. One question I have received a couple of times already through this website is whether or not Elixinol can be vaped?

The short answer is yes you will be able to vape Elixinol. However this comes with a rather huge caveat. The type of vaporizer you use will have a big impact on whether or not its suitable to be vaped in. There are a range of dry herb vapes, not of which would be suitable for this procedure. If you intend to vape this, or any other brand of CBD Oil, you will need to use a vape pen or liquid vapor device like an e-cig. This is good news for booth cannabis and cigarette smokers alike. Vaping is considered by many these days to be a much healthier option.

Much of the research around this was done in a study conducted at the University of Wollongong. The official Elixinol website has an extensive write up on the details of this. You can check that our by clicking here.

As with any type of vaping liquid be sure to take only the correct dosage. Most using CBD Oil will keep the dosage similar to that which they may consume by more conventional methods. In fact, one of the main reasons regular vape users cite for using a vape pen is that they feel the oil is more potent and effective.

I really hope this article helps a few people. As I said I have been emailed about this before so I assume it’s something a lot of people are curious about. The answer is easy! Yes you can vape Elixinol just make sure you are using a liquid vaporizer and not a dry herb vaporizer.



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