Can You Buy Elixinol CBD Oil in Australia

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UPDATE: I’ve written a quick update about the legalities of CBD in Australia. Check it out here.

Australia (where I’m from) is quite a liberal country but like many others marijuana is still illegal here. The perception of marijuana is gradually changing and public opinion has definitely shifted over the last few years. As with any big shift in the zeitgeist things happen slowly. One of the things that is working to change the public opinion are the benefits of CBD oil.

The good news is that CBD Oil is completely legal in Australia. You can buy it from a number of different outlets including:

Either of these 2 sites will ship Elixinol directly to you at a great price.

Wait – How Is This Stuff Legal in Australia?

The first thing to note is that CBD oil isn’t like traditional marijuana. It contains minimal or zero THC which is the psychoactive substance that gives you the ‘high’ effect. It can be consumed through smoking, taking edibles or now more popularly vaping.

CBD Oil has no such chemicals. It is as the name suggests, high in CBD. It is extracted from a slightly different type of plant. Even though marijuana and hemp are from a similar family the hemp plant doesn’t produce any of the buds or flowers used in conventional consumption.

So if you are in Australia there’s no need to worry. You can buy Elixinol or any other CBD oil you might find online that will ship to your country. Before you decide if Elixinol is right for you check out my full review and make your own choice.

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