Can CBD Oil Help With Essential Tremors?

A reader sent an email not long ago asking about Essential Tremors. They sounded in need of some help. Here was the advice I gave regarding CBD Oil:

CBD Oil has shown to have positive effects for this type of thing. Tremors is essentially a neurological issue which the CBD has shown to reduce and in some cases even completely halt.

That being said every patient is different. My advice is always to give it a go and see how she reacts. Start with a low dose and move up from there if necessary. The natural origins of CBD mean there are really no negative side effects to speak of (other than possibly a slight drowsiness).

Please note I am not a doctor and this doesn’t constitute medical advice. It is just my opinion. (I have to say this 🙂 )

If you have a question about CBD Oil send me an email on our questions page.

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