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Welcome To Elixinol Review

I’ve Taken a Deep Look At One of the Most Popular CBD Oils

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Hi, my name is Mike (you can learn more about me here) and this website was born out of my interest in the CBD oil, Elixinol. It was only a short time ago that I first became interested in CBD oil as a medicinal treatment. I, like many other people, have suffered from aches, anxiety and stress due to simply living in the modern world. Some articles I read claimed dramatic relief for chronic pain, anxiety and even epilepsy with use of the product.

This was enough to peak my interest so I started doing some research into hemp oils and the different companies that produce them. It wasn’t long until I stumbled across Elixinol and tried the product. Shortly after I decided to build this website, Elixinol Review. In the review I’ll tell you all about several aspects of Elixinol including:

Elixinol is a relatively new, Colorado based company that creates a range of different types of hemp/cbd oils and sprays. I looked at a couple of their products and began to get very excited. What follows is my personal review of Elixinol.

By now I’m sure you’re interested to find out a few things. Does Elixinol deliver on everything CBD oil promises? Is it a cost effective supplement? Where can you buy it for yourself? Check out the rest of my review to find out.

Elixinol Review Snapshot

Whenever I read a review I always hope for it to be clear and concise. That’s the reason I’ve decided to start off with a few simple criteria. Check out our review snapshot below:

Quality 100%
Effectiveness 100%
Benefits 100%
Price 90%
Customer Service 100%
Elixinol Stars

“Elixinol CBD Oil Is A Great Choice”

Elixinol 5 Stars
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Let’s get right to the point to save those of you who may not want to read the whole review. Overall I think Elixinol CBD Oil is a great choice if you are looking for a high quality product of this type. The promise of CBD oil is that it can deliver relief for a whole collection of ailments. Now, the jury is still out on whether it is as effective as many people say. But I can testify that after using Elixinol I felt less anxious and more relaxed than I have in a long time. I have been using it daily and it aids in exercise recovery as well as my mental health.

Elixinol comes in a wide range of different products but the one I’ve had the most experience with is the straight oil tincture (pictured right). It comes in a couple of flavors but I prefer the coconut extract (you can also get mint). To consume it you just drip the oil into a glass of water or directly onto your tongue. Depending on your tolerance you might need one drop or several. I’ve also written out some more detailed dosage instructions. Once taken you will begin to feel the positive effects within a short time.

There’s obviously a lot more to say and talk about. However rather than get bogged down in specifics I thought I’d start the review by expressing my positivity toward the product. I cannot recommend it enough and have done so to many of my friends.

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My Personal Tincture of Elixinol : Coconut Extract Flavour

So, What Is Elixinol?

No review of Elixinol can be complete without describing the actual product. Elixinol is one company if many now that are cultivating and producing CBD Oil. It is a fast growing industry and one riding the new cannabis wave of innovation. CBD Oil is produced from the hemp plant. This is the same plant that is capable of producing marijuana but when hemp is cultivated for oil it has a different chemical structure. The seeds and stems of the plant are chopped and squeezed producing an oil in a similar technique to pressing olive oil.

The oil produced contains so many minerals and natural goodness that the amount of benefits is growing by the day. Since the oil contain no THC the pchyco-active effect is negligible making it safe for children or pretty much any demographic. At Elixinol, they take this oil and sell it in a glass tincture with a dropper so you can easily moderate your dosage.

Elixinol Dropper

What Are The Benefits Of Elixinol?

The first question I had when looking into the different oils around was 'do they help'? Once I settled on Elixinol as a possible choice this logically led to the next question; 'does Elixinol help?'. I was starting to feel as if CBD oil was being touted as this elixir (hey, Elixinol!) of life and a cure all for dozens of different chronic problems. While I can't attest to the claims for every issue it definitely had a huge benefit on me.

I felt I could relax more and regulate my mood a little better. I didn't feel as snappy or grumpy at many of the usual things that might annoy me. Funnily enough this was one of the same reasons I enjoy marijuana. But I don't like being stoned all the time so this was a much better option. That was the main benefit for me but there are several other well documented ones others experienced.

For example, CBD oil and therefore Elixinol by extension can help with seizures, epilepsy and chronic pain. I wasn't suffering from any of these but the tidal wave of positive feedback cannot be denied. This stuff helps and the Elixinol benefits cannot be ignored!

If you'd like to know about the benefits in more details check out our Elixinol benefits page.

Elixinol Benefits Image Right

A Little About The Company

Before I purchase anything from anybody I like to know who I'm dealing with. That's why I did some background research for this Elixinol review. I looked into the company itself and the team behind the products. Let my OCD about buying decisions be your guide as I break down some of the facts behind the gang who bring you this fine CBD oil.

The company seems to have 2 bases; one in Colorado and the other in Australia. This makes sense as the company founder listed on their website is Paul Benhaim. Paul other company, Hemp Foods Australia, is one that I'm familiar with. I have actually bought items from them in the past. This gives me a lot of confidence. Both companies appear reputable and deliver kick ass products for us hemp lovers.

Something I take seriously in my shopping is customer service. As I said above I like to know who I'm buying from and that, should there be a problem, that they'll look after me. I'm pleased to report that the shipping was fast, communication excellent and the customer support fantastic. There is really no other grade to give these guys than 5 stars for this part of the business.

Elixinol Company Image Right

"There Is Really No Other Grade To Give These Guys Than 5 Stars"

Elixinol 5 Stars
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Are There Any Elixinol Side Effects?

Whenever any new dietary supplement comes to market there is a curiosity about what the side effects might be. While it isn't a scientific barometer, I thought I would talk about my own experience first and then the science. On a personal level I experienced zero negative side effects while using the oil. If using too much you may feel a bit tired but it would take a very large dose to impair your judgement at all.

This corroborates well with what studies have shown. To date there has been no scientific evidence presented that using CBD oil causes negative effects. On the contrary, in many cases people have been quite astonished by the huge amount of positive benefits.

It's a common concern that CBD oil will have the same effects as marijuana. This is actually not true as CBD oil does not contain THC, this is the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you 'stoned ' or 'high'. Since THC is not present you will not receive any of the psychoactive effects that you would if you smoked marijuana. This is one huge reason why CBD oil in general has increased in popularity. All the upside without the downside!

Elixinol Side Effects Image Right

What Does It Cost and Should You Buy Elixinol?

Aaaah the most important part of any review and in the words of Jerry Macguire... "show me the money!". The first thing to know about the price of CBD Oil is that in general it isn't cheap. You are purchasing a product that is expensive to produce and of very high quality if bought from a reputable company. That being said Elixinol is not cheap BUT it is certainly comparably priced to other products on the market. It's all relative after all so if you need CBD oil you'll be getting a good deal buying from these guys.

For a tincture like I use it ranges from $59.99 for a smaller bottle (300mg) all the way up to $296 for a larger bottle containing 3600mg. To decide what dosage you will need and how long both those sizes might last you check out our dosage page.

Is It Worth Buying Elixinol?

The question of price vs. value is something I think about with nearly every buying decision I make. This was no different when I was looking into whether or not to start using Elixinol. As I said above this stuff isn't exactly cheap and might not fit into everyone's budget. The good thing about their range of products is that there is a type and size to suit everyone. If you need a lot or a little, want a spray or a tincture. It doesn't matter the team over there will have something that's right for you.

What I have recommended to my friend is to start with one of the more cost effective products at a price point that suits you. If you spend $59 on a tincture to try it out that makes a lot more sense than spending nearly $600 on a larger bottle. That way, you can test it yourself, determine if you like it and then buy the larger bulk options.

Elixinol With Water Image
Elixinol Coupon Code Image

My Final Verdict On Elixinol

By now you can tell I'm a huge advocate for this product. From the first time I tried it I loved it and decided to create a website about it to educate others on how great it is. So yes, yes a thousand times yes! This product is well worth your money and we recommend buying it. Before you head over to the official website though check out our Elixinol coupon page. We will have exclusive discount coupons that offer great savings.

I truly believe that this is a product that will help to make a lot of people lives better all over the world. It's for that reason I don't hesitate, even for 1 second, to recommend Elixinol in this review. I'm fairly certain you will not regret purchasing Elixinol.

With that my work here is done. Thank you for reading my Elixinol Review. Please let me know through the contact page if you have any questions or need more information.

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"You Will Not Regret Purchasing Elixinol"

Elixinol 5 Stars
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